More than just a blanket

From the sand... the snow... your home.

We have the perfect blanket for every part of your life.

Our story...

We are U.S. born sisters. We are 2 of 6 children raised by a teacher and a stay-at-home mom. We come from a home of love, kindness and service. We learned to love all cultures, especially the Latino cultures. 
This past Christmas we chose not to buy gifts, but instead to travel to Mexico and provide Christmas for 12 families with great needs. We felt blessed to be able to help and interact with these sweet, humble people.
We fell in love with the rows and rows of beautiful goods that were marketed and sold to tourists of all backgrounds. Vendors begged us to buy from them. Our hearts yearned for a way to help them. We talked to some of them about their lives, families, shops, and products. We asked if they’d be willing to partner with us, selling their products in the U.S. THEY WERE THRILLED!
We also visited and donated to a children’s shelter with ongoing needs far above the budget they receive from the Mexican state government. We hope to raise more money to support these children. Unfortunately, as we were set to begin this part of our efforts, we were viciously attacked and insulted with profanities towards us, our families and others who are supporting us. We were surprised and disappointed when we were attacked and accused of "stealing" from the poor and of "cultural appropriation." Our reaction has been to block the foul language and the insults. Our focus is to run a small business that makes a little money, but which also benefits others, especially a few vendors' families and a few abandoned children who are in such dire need.